Sore, tender, cracked, bleeding or blistered nipple skin from breastfeeding finally alleviated

Silverette® healing mini cups are two pure silver cups that act as nursing cups to soothe and alleviate sore nipples while nursing your little ones. They have specially been moulded to fit all breast and nipple sizes and comfortably fitting under nursing bras and nursing pads. The cups are hand crafted by specialised Italian silversmiths, easy to use, very discrete and most importantly they work. They give nursing mums a natural and effective remedy to protect or tackle sore and cracked nipples from breastfeeding.

Over the years the Silverette® healing mini cups have given mums across Europe and USA the gift of painless breastfeeding allowing them to enjoy the bonding experience between mother and baby.

Benefits from the using the Silverette® healing mini cups

  • Made of 925 silver and nickel free; silver naturally has anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin
  • Helps prevent cracked, bleeding or blistered nipple skin cause from breastfeeding
  • Pro-healing effect, once worn the sore nipples, cracks and blisters heal within days
  • Peace of mind for mum as the healing mini cups are non-toxic, eco-friendly and hygienic
  • Peace of mind for mum as the no chemicals are passed to baby from the Silverette® healing mini cups through breastfeeding
  • Easy to use in between feeds, no fussing around with greasy lotions or oily creams
  • Skin Friendly

Further Information

Silverette® healing mini cups is used to help soothe the skin in between nursing. It is also used as an aid to assist breastfeeding mums heal so they can improve their baby’s latch position when starting off breastfeeding. There are times when sore nipples occur not related to poor latch such as baby being tongue tied, inverted nipples, thrush infection or eczema. If you suspect this please seek advice from your healthcare profession as they can then advise you about the best treatment.