Where does Silverette Australia ship?

For Mummy is the authorised distributor of the Silverette® healing mini cups. Our office is based in Sydney Australia and the product is dispatched via Australia Post domestically or internationally within 24 hours after orders are received

How do I clean the Silverette® healing mini cups?

In order to clean Silverette® healing mini cups make a paste using bicarbonate soda (available in most supermarkets) mixed with a small amount of water, rub this mix on the cups, rinse thoroughly and dry them

Is it possible to wash it in the dishwasher?

No, the cups should only be washed manually with bicarbonate soda. It is also quicker than waiting for the dishwasher cycle to complete.

Is it possible to disinfect the silver?

No, the disinfectant could potentially damage the silver

Could Silverette® healing mini cups be used as a preventive measure?

Yes, it is highly recommended that the mini cups are used when you start breastfeeding as a preventive measure. However the cups may also be used during breastfeeding to heal the damage nipple skin.

Is it possible to use Silverette® healing mini cups together with adsorbing breast pads?

Yes, the Silverette® healing mini cups can be used in conjunction with nursing pads. Your bra will hold everything in place

Does the efficiency of the product dimish with time?

No, as silver does not diminish so the benefits of using Silverette® healing mini cups is that the product will be effective from day one to many years. The effectiveness of the product will remain the same. Mothers have used this product on multiple children they have had

What does “Silver 925” mean?

Silver 925 is the purest solid silver that can be molded into a shape. A more pure level of silver (999-1000) is too soft to mold and would be considered as a silver plated and not solid silver.

Does Silverette® healing mini cups contain nickel?

No the silver is Nickle free

What happens to the Silverette® healing mini cups after I finish breastfeeding?

As Silverette® healing mini cups are natural silver and do not diminish over time mothers have used these on other children they may have. In addition the silver has been melted into jewellery or keep sakes as a reminder to the mothers the special time they had with breastfeeding their babies.

Is Silverette® healing mini cups Registered as a health product?

Yes. Silverette® healing mini cups are registered with Australian Department of Health Therapeutic Good Administration, under Parent Company For Mummy ARTG Entry: 236106. Medical Device Class 1


Unfortauntely, due to hygiene reasons we can not accept refunds on this product as the product cannot be sold on