How Silverette Australia came to be…

In 2014, I became a first time mum and wanted to bond with and provide for my daughter through breastfeeding. I had been so naive about the whole process of breastfeeding, believing it would be easy, however that was far from the truth.


Breastfeeding Remedy Australia
Due to a wriggly baby and poor latching, what were initially sore nipples in the first week, soon became cracked, bleeding and blistered skin to the point my daughter was consuming my milk and my blood (noticeable when she would occasionally regurgitate the milk). The pain was unbearable during every feed, with additional anxiety in between each feed. The popular creams I turned to only masked the injuries to help me through each feed, but they were unable to heal the skin. I was ready to give up breastfeeding as the entire experience left me sore, tired and like I was letting my daughter down.

It was only through my Italian midwife that I was referred to the Silverette® healing mini cups from Italy. Just two mini silver cups that sit comfortably on the nipple, worn on after each feed. I had never heard of them before and I was skeptical as to how silver cups would help. However, by the third week I was desperate and decided to try them out. After one day I noticed a change in the skin, the cracked nipples were healing with new skin beginning to form. After two days the results was surprising. What used to be painful feeds became bearable, and thereafter became pleasant. These Silverette® healing mini cups were amazing. They allowed my skin to heal naturally through the power of silver, which in turn allowed me to correct the latching as I was no longer fearful of breastfeeding.

I was surprised that the silver cups and it’s healing properties were not that well-known in Australia. I was, and still am, so passionate about these cups that I purchased them as gifts to my girlfriends in Sydney as they were also suffering from from cracked nipples. The whole journey lead to the birth of Silverette Australia. Having recently moved back to Sydney after working in London for 7 years, I wanted to spread the word of this fantastic product.

I want to provide other mums access to this product so they may also have an enjoyable breastfeeding experience. I truly believe this is a wonderful product for those seeking a natural and effective way to heal the skin while nursing your little ones. Breastfeeding is tough but rewarding to you and your baby and Silverette® gives both parties a happier start. It is a must have accessory to have for every breastfeeding mum.

I wish you all the best in your journey into motherhood and know Silverette® will help make this experience a happier one for you and your baby

Best Wishes